Creating a great podcast, not just an advertisement

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

So many people and small businesses are starting up podcasts now to help put themselves on the map but many are doing so blindly and without direction. There is one main question that we need to ask ourselves...

What do I want my listeners to gain?

If you have a business and you are starting a podcast to gain more customers it is important to make sure that your podcast is not just a big advertisement, the main thing to remember is that your podcast HAS to be something your potential customers would want to listen to even if they weren't going to use your services.

If your podcast is just you and your colleague chatting about your business you will get NOTHING from your podcast.

Your podcast MUST be interesting, compelling and you should try and think of something that does not already exist. Find a gap in the podcast market!

You want your listeners to gain new knowledge that relates to what your business does, not just gain knowledge about your business itself

There is a process that we want to take place

1 - Potential customer wants to learn something specific so searches for a podcast

2 - Potential customer listens to your podcast, enjoys it and learns something

3 - Potential customer now knows about your company or wants to use your services

See how this would work in the example below…

Family law firm start a podcast interviewing phycologists about family break-ups

1- Sally is going through a divorce and searches for podcasts about family break ups

2 - Sally finds the podcast and learns something she didn't know, she also likes the sound of the interviewer and finds out that they work for the law firm.

3 - Sally hires the law firm to represent her in the family courts.


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